12 Things That Didn’t Exist in the 90’s But Now We Can’t Live Without

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The 90’s were a simpler time. Yes, every decade has its own unique feature set that makes it stand out. But there are certain things that didn’t exist in the 90’s but now we can’t live without.

Social Media, it didn’t exist back then. Back then social networking meant going to the local skateboard or McDonald’s parking lot and meet other kids, create friends that way. Nowdays it’s different, shoot a text randomly up and you can get mutuals.

GPS went from something used by only the military and government to something that is apart of your phone, watch, car. No more asking for directions random people, or old maps to visit new people. You just punch in the adress and just like that you’re navigated there.

Wikipedia didn’t exist back then. It must have been a struggle to actually do research on hard cover encyclopedias to finish your homework assignment. Those 90’s kids don’t know how easy we have it.

Streaming music has changed a lot since then. Back then you would have one MP3 that you would fill it with a ton of music and then listen to it at school. It would take a lot to download and then upload music there. But thanks to that MP3, things like Napster, iTune and now Spotify exist, that have songs just one click away.

Remember how you had to check the TV guide and find out when your favorite TV SHOW was on and you had to actually wait for that, not skip ads? Well not anymore, you can have any tv show and movie at your disposasl anytime you want.

How would life be if we didn’t have Google? The company officially launched by the end of the 90s, but it sure has made life easier.

Smart phones, didn’t exist. If you wanted to call up your friend, you had to do it on the land line phone, ask permission to do so and you had a limited time before someone else snatched your phone.

Texting wasn’t available back then, becacuse the phones were not as sophisticated. Now everything is done by text, it’s much easier conveying your thoughts.

Online backing wasn’t a thing. You had to actually go down to your bank and talk to PEOPLE, how bad and insufferable, well it’s just a click away now.

Bitcoins were a concept that no one would ever think would be an actual thing. Now you have things such as fake money that is real and very vaulable? Money you can access only through internet, hehe who could have thought.

Metaverse? Metawhat now? You’re telling a person from the 90’s, people live a virtual life, have virtual houses and virtual friends? I’m pretty sure no one would believe into that.

YouTube. It didn’t exist and without it, there would not be people like me making these kinds of videos. Yeah, a pretty boring life without YouTube.

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