The Great Depression Era – 1930s

A window onto a time that, for most of us, is hard to imagine.

“It’s my sister’s turn to eat,” a hungry child tells her teacher. What happened? The stock market crashed at the end of 1929, the price of wheat fell to below the cost of seed and the Great Depression smothered the North American Prairies with poverty. Those who tried to stay on their farms faced an environmental nightmare. Dust storms plus an infestation of grasshoppers and a weed called Russian thistle. The grasshoppers were so thick that they often clogged the radiators of cars and made the roads slippery.

In 1931 the rains stopped and the “black blizzards” began. Powerful dust storms carrying millions of tons of stinging, blinding black dirt swept across the Southern Plains………..

And there is more — learn about the Great Depression Era on this lens…….. where families lost everything but their love for each other and their courage to press on.
Intro photo source belongs to GramaBarb


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